Nier Automata Demo

After completing the demo, I am more excited than ever for March 7, the released date for North America. Flying machine robots, hacking and slashing with speed, it’s my cup of tea.  I believe this game is coming out for PC as well, which is a good thing. Great games deserve a wider audience. I […]

December Gaming

It’s been awhile since I post something. I don’t have the energy to game religiously as I used to when life was more carefree. 🙂 But games are not too far from mind. It still occupies most of my thoughts when I get bored. And oh boy, there are a lot of games to play […]

Kuon: An Enlightening Survival-Horror Video Game

Kuon, developed by FromSoftware, was one of the survival-horror video games I tried to squeeze in the month of October because of Halloween, but I ended up playing it into November.  It took me a month to complete  because I took my time and did not play every day. You can complete the game in […]

Video Games with Female Protagonist

I wish the gaming community is not sexist. Anyway, here are my  list of games I want to play that have respectable female protagonist:  MariAri Quite frankly, this game is a bit hard to locate.  It’s a Japanese indie puzzle game. It looks cute but it is difficult from what I’ve seen. Strangely, watching the […]

Until Dawn: Too Quick To Judge

So I mentioned in 1 or 2 posts that I was going to play Until Dawn this October.  Well I finally finished it and I was surprised and even ashamed of myself for being bias because I am such a Dark Souls fangirl I can’t really play any other games. Until Dawn is actually  a good […]