Autumn Is Warm & Cold


Tonight, in Seattle, there is going to be a strong wind plucking these orange leaves from the branches and scattering them to the ground. Wet rain will soak the pavement. It may some comforting, but I feel  so selfish when I know there are homeless people getting cold, huddling each other for warmth. I wish the world is a kinder place.  But I guess life goes through the motion. Life is never fair, it’s just there.  Eventually all things shall come to an end and then reborn again.

Flowers for the Peaceful Souls



There is something delightful about flowers.

They are full of beauty and wonder.

I wonder why she gave me flowers.

Is it for the dead?

Is it to console me that there is

life ahead?

I guess in  my empty world–

inside my apartment

on the kitchen table–

a friend tells me it’s all right.

I guess I am all right.

Flowers are full of life and soul.