Updating Blog

It’s hard not to pay attention to world news, or just news generally. The world feels a bit crazy.  So crazy that I can’t even escape to videogame world. I don’t know how many protests and marches have occured ever since we got a new president. The constant blasting sound of the siren coming from the ambulance and the helicopters flying over the building I live in is draining my mental energy.  Today is March for Our Lives, and a couple months ago was Women March 2018.  I watched people marching almost every month now.  I can’t help but feel as if the world is spiraling down into chaos.

My apologies for such gloomy introduction to this blog post. I want to make an annoucement that I am not abandoning this blog even though there have been some changes in my worklife. I have updated the About Me page so you can decide whether you want to continue to follow me or not.  If you are a new visitor, welcome!

I have removed some old posts such as the award tags to clean up the blog. To be honest, I appreciate the tag, but I have always found it awkward talking about myself, although I’m not so shy talking about the subjects that matter to me.  During this time, I think it’s more important than ever to speak up.

On a positive note, Happy Spring!

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