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It’s hard not to pay attention to world news, or just news generally. The world feels a bit crazy.  So crazy that I can’t even escape to videogame world. I don’t know how many protests and marches have occured ever since we got a new president. The constant blasting sound of the siren coming from the ambulance and the helicopters flying over the building I live in is draining my mental energy.  Today is March for Our Lives, and a couple months ago was Women March 2018.  I watched people marching almost every month now.  I can’t help but feel as if the world is spiraling down into chaos.

My apologies for such gloomy introduction to this blog post. I want to make an annoucement that I am not abandoning this blog even though there have been some changes in my worklife. I have updated the About Me page so you can decide whether you want to continue to follow me or not.  If you are a new visitor, welcome!

I have removed some old posts such as the award tags to clean up the blog. To be honest, I appreciate the tag, but I have always found it awkward talking about myself, although I’m not so shy talking about the subjects that matter to me.  During this time, I think it’s more important than ever to speak up.

On a positive note, Happy Spring!

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Making Some Changes

It’s October. Weather is pleasantly cool, and I”m starting vacation next week, although I am not going anywhere special. I’m taking the time off to recharge mentally and focus on polishing up my songs. 

Awhile ago, I was working with a musician friend, but we don’t talk anymore.   I think he gave up on me because we were not on the same wavelength. I am an introvert. He is an extrovert. I’m calm.  He is chaotic.  I am a morning person.  He is a night person.  But mainly because he told me video game is a waste of time and he was trying to turn me into someone that I am not. I don’t like that feeling.  

I guess artists have different ways at looking at the world.  One, you create art because you want the glamour that comes with it, or you create art because you feel inclined to imitate your universe so that you can see your creation from a third-person perspective. In the end, you make sense of yourself and your reality.  But of course, this is just my observation. Hmm…to be honest, I don’t even know if I am making any sense writing this.  

Let’s just say, I have been doing things alone creatively and have been obsessively playing the same song that has so many different versions over and over.  Do I think it’s good? I have no idea. All I know it’s from my heart and I am giving birth to it.   So this is part of the reason why I have not been active on this blog. So I am afraid this blog might shift from games and more towards creative works in the upcoming future. I don’t want to surprise anyone.  That doesn’t mean I have given up on games. I still play them when I can.  In fact, I will be playing Nonary Games next week. I am excited. Well, I think it’s time to sleep.

Thanks for reading.

        Signing off~ 

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