About Me

Hello World,

I mainly cover videogame related content and particularly enjoy games with dark theme but not necessarily violent. Due to the lack of energy for gaming time, which shouldn’t feel like a chore, I don’t want to delete my entire blog because I’m inactive. I play multiple games in fact, it just takes me awhile to complete.  Apart from gaming, I also have other hobbies such as reading, cooking, and crafting songs, which prevented me from posting on a regular basis on this supposedly gaming blog. Work and crafting songs consume most of my time nowadays. So I want to approach this blog in a more casual tone where I just write freely to whatever interest me ranging from news articles, films, books, etc. I have always believed that an open dialogue is a great thing. I am here because I’m interested learning about other people’s ideas even if I don’t agree with them.  

As much as I enjoy reading or hearing the conversation of other people, I am  a true introvert. I always feel as if my life is on paused when people invited me to places.  Some people think I’m snobby, but that’s not true. I truly cherish the time I spend with family, friends and work acquaintances, but there is a part of me always longing to be alone so I can think.  So it’s no surprise,  I find reading, gardening and playing single-player videogames the most rewarding. I do things on my own pace without worrying I am wasting someone’s time. The good thing is when I do spend a lot of alone time, I appreciate those around me even more.

If you know me personally, my secret to staying optimistic in this crazy world, is having that alone time for reflection. I think everyone should have that personal space to themselves to feel free and recharge. Sometimes it’s just best to unplug everything and just sit in silence so you can hear your own voice. 

Lastly, in case you are wondering what Halsdoll means, it’s two words I combined from Shakespeare’s play: Henry IV.  I love poetry obviously.  Prince Hal is one of my favorite characters which I admire deeply and look up to as a role model.  But I am a lady not a man, So I put the word “doll” after to give it a feminine touch.