My Video Games Shopping List (Part II)

There were only a few games I am interested  from watching E3. It’s a good thing. This will give me a chance to clear my backlog and help me save up money for bigger things.  I got some big plans at the end of this year.  It all work out just fine.

So I will name the games I am looking forward to here. Not all of them are from watching the E3 event.

#1 Bayblon’s Fall

Reminds me of Xenoblade Chronicles/ White Knight Chronicles.

#2 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Honestly, this trailer makes me worrisome as it reminds me of Nioh.   Even though I have a hard time getting into Nioh, I will attempt to play it again.  When I was playing Nioh  last year, my brain was already fried. I had way too many  things going on in my life.  I realized I have my limitation.  Brain is overheated. Need sleep.   I am willing to give Nioh another try though.  Some people prefer Nioh gaming mechanics over Dark Souls. I am a bit surprised because I didn’t really like how fast Nioh moves in comparison to Dark Souls. Every time I play this type of game, I do get the adrenaline rush–droplets of sweat dripping down my forehead.  Game can’t get intense sometimes.

I must admit, I am glad  FromSoftware is not making the same thing.  There are so many games out there that imitate Dark Souls success. It is rather annoying.  There is even a twitter account dedicated to that.

#3 Soul Calibur VI

I like fighting games because I like watching martial arts films.  Soul Calibur is my favorite fighting game franchise as it involves swords. I like hitting, cutting, hacking, and slicing things very much.  A great game to play to blow off some steam.

#4 Shenmue 1 & 2 Remastered

I never got the chance to play the first two installments. This will give me a chance to experience the game before Shenmue 3 release. I heard that the game came into development after being inspired by a musical piece.  I think this one of the games that have that romantic quality.  It reminds me so much of the international films (Hong Kong) I grew up watching as a kid.

That is my list of games.  These games will keep me busy for next few years.  Every time I told myself I am quitting games because modern games disappoint me, some new game come out looking all flashy, grabbing my attention, I find myself back to where I started.   So that’s why I give up trying to give up games.  It’s like telling a person to stop drinking tea.   Now if only have the proper time to enjoy them–it’s very difficult these days.  Adult life is so demanding.

P. S

My co-worker is excited for Last of Us II and asked me if I feel the same.  I actually  turned around so he can’t see me giggling.  People do have different taste in games surely.  Even though Last of Us never did appeal to me, I am actually currently playing the game so I can give my proper thoughts on it.

A Little Rambling on Games & Real Neat Blog Award Tag

I remember I felt disappointed reading reviews on major video game websites because they don’t always reflect my taste in what I find aesthetically pleasing. I can only surmise popular opinions dictate what sort of games are being produced and sold as I recalled my friend’s husband mumbling about creating games for a particular market as if it was a painful chore.  He wasn’t too enthused about being a part in the making of a shooter game (Halo 4)  because he hates gun, and I don’t blame him.  I guess that might explain one of the many factors to why we see franchise like the Resident Evil morphed into an action game.  I’m assuming shooter games may be more appealing to the mass than games with a lot of puzzles, although I personally think solving a puzzle is impressively cool!

Part of the reason I have respect for game director like Yoko Taro is his outlook on games.  He knew that his games appeal to a particular type of audience–the weirdos (a.k.a passionate gamers who voluntary lock themselves in their room).  There is some truth to his statement.  I did locked myself in my room in the summer of 2010 playing Nier Gestalt which happens to be my all time top favorite game!  It’s a shame that some people couldn’t get passed the gameplay and terrible graphics back then.  I am so happy that my brother recommended this game to me.  Now that Nier Automata has sold more than 3 million physical and digital units, according to PlatinumGames twitter account–it just shows it takes a passionate group of people to make great things happen, generally speaking.

Anyway, this is my little spill on videogames on this fine Sunday morning.   Recently,  Red Metal nominated me on a fun tag. I enjoy reading his critique on games and movies and glad there is someone like him who is brave enough to challenge mainstream opinions, and he’s very civil about it. I stumbled upon his site after reading a review on Metal Gear Solid 2, another favorite game of mine.  I must say, he has very good taste in games and movies.

  Okay let’s get started with the fun questions! 🌻



What is your earliest gaming memory?

The earliest memory is  Friday the 13th for the NES because my brother always like to remind me how we couldn’t make it passed the loading screen as soon as Jason’s face popped up. Throughout my childhood, I  have many fond memories of playing games with my brother.  We spent a lot of time together because Mother was very strict with us having friends outside of school.

      2. When did you start blogging and why?

I actually registered this blog back in 2013, but it was for poetry purposes.  I cannot believe it’s that long and I have not even published over 50 posts.  July 2016 is when I became active on WordPress. I started writing my thoughts on what I think about the soul series after completing Dark Souls III.  I didn’t expect to engage in the blogging community as I am bit weary of how big this blog can get. Fear of harassment is the major reason.  But I decided to become more engaging with other game bloggers because I genuinely like playing and talking about games.  It makes me happy.   So here I am voicing my opinion on my favorite hobby and I have no shame in it.

      3. What feature do you wish any of your consoles had that they currently don’t?

Honestly, I don’t think about it.

      4. Name a movie that you wish had a video game made after it and what  developer would you want to make it and why?

Event Horizon

Event Horizon would make a scary survival horror game. Maybe?  It has such a low rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Haha. And the folks who created Silent Hill 2 should make it.

5. Do you have a games room/corner? If so, let us see it and show your favorite thing in there?

I am not a hardcore game collector where I have a library full of games. My stash of games are hidden and not organized.  Sometimes games do peak out in the living area on the floor. Sometimes on my kitchen table.

 6.  Do you have a child or a pet? Which character do you name it after?

This question made me laugh. The answer is neither.   I have stuffed animals and a plant and they were all given to me from the people at work if that count.  But if I were to have a pet dog, I probably name it Hewie, the dog from Haunting Ground.  Perhaps having a dog would be nice.  I would have a companion to accompany me on a nice walk.


Haunting Ground

7.  What keeps you going when gaming?

My parents have drilled inside my head since I was a kid to be wise on what I choose to purchase.  Out of guilt, I completed games because I spent money on it.

Now for the nominees:





Otaku Judge



Thank you again Red Metal for nominating me.  This was a fun tag!