I Just Can’t Complete These Games

I know I have the symptom of a gaming addict.  I sit at work writing in my notepad, making a list of games to complete. Like a kid in a candy store, I want to eat everything, but realized that not all games are made with the same quality and ingredients. There are some things I like in a game, and some I don’t.

To shorten my post, I will list three games I can’t complete.


Game # 1: Yume Nikki

yume nikkiThere is a more recent version that came out on Steam. I tried playing the original but don’t get why people give it a good review.  I  became extremely critical about the art in the game.  It doesn’t appeal to me.  Perhaps, that’s why I don’t enjoy it as much.  


Game # 2: Pandora’s Tower

ElenaYes, I like the gameplay, but Elena, I hate to admit her personality is very similar to mine (when I am feeling sane).  The game is so painful to play because unlike her, I have no support. Dad taught me to be independent, and Mom taught me to be a lady.   To see Elena so weak, I want to jump off the cliff for being a burden to Aeron (her lover) on her behalf. The thought of slowly turning into a monster, waiting for my lover to come back and feed me beast flesh so I can return to human form is depressing.  No one likes being caged up ill. Trust me. One day, I may finish it after I get new batteries for the Wii controller.  Now I am curious about the ending.


Game # 3: Nioh

niohI feel cheated. Why oh why did I pre-ordered this game? I was so excited on launch day that I rushed to my local game store during lunch break.  The demo fooled me into thinking the game has potential, perhaps it does. The intro to the game sort of turned me off.  I have beaten some bosses, but the game is too commercialized for me to continue.  

So what have I been playing even though I have been complaining the lack of time for games?  I am playing Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin, Virtue’s Last Reward and Drakengard.  Once I upgrade my laptop to gaming, I will indeed, play more pc games, particularly Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition. I don’t care much about the Dark Souls Remastered. Why can’t they release a Demon’s Souls Remastered instead?!

I feel so overwhelmed for having so many choices. That’s what it really is.  Someone please help me decide!

Updating Blog

It’s hard not to pay attention to world news, or just news generally. The world feels a bit crazy.  So crazy that I can’t even escape to videogame world. I don’t know how many protests and marches have occured ever since we got a new president. The constant blasting sound of the siren coming from the ambulance and the helicopters flying over the building I live in is draining my mental energy.  Today is March for Our Lives, and a couple months ago was Women March 2018.  I watched people marching almost every month now.  I can’t help but feel as if the world is spiraling down into chaos.

My apologies for such gloomy introduction to this blog post. I want to make an annoucement that I am not abandoning this blog even though there have been some changes in my worklife. I have updated the About Me page so you can decide whether you want to continue to follow me or not.  If you are a new visitor, welcome!

I have removed some old posts such as the award tags to clean up the blog. To be honest, I appreciate the tag, but I have always found it awkward talking about myself, although I’m not so shy talking about the subjects that matter to me.  During this time, I think it’s more important than ever to speak up.

On a positive note, Happy Spring!

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