Thoughts on Tekken 7 & Other Games

My brother sent me a link to Ashley Judd’s speech on TED Talks which mentioned the video game industry fueling online abuse against women. This made me think  of the fighting game community, particularly the aggressive male gamers.

I want to invest time in Tekken 7 once it is released early June for my love of defeating bosses over and over using different strategies in games, but I do worry about the online harassment, which is why I have avoided fighting game for so long. I watched my brother played Zafina on Tekken 5 and noticed he received a lot of rape messages that were so gruesome that it made me laughed but angry. Brother told me not to be upset and ignore them.

I definitely will need to have a lot of patience playing against aggressive gamers. I have always been soft around other gamers to avoid hurting their ego in the past. But I always knew I could become great if I use my full potential. I got to prepare myself mentally.

Some big games I am going to play this year:

  • Nier Automata
  • Nioh
  • Tekken 7
  • Horizon Zero of Dawn
  • Berserk and the Band of the Hawk

I know my list is relatively short compared to some people, but I’m struggling to spend time with friends/family and participate in other non-work related activities which are interfering gaming time.  There are so many big games I want to play this year and some indie games. I don’t finish games quickly because I like to take time. I feel a bit overwhelm actually.

Right now I want to play D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, until Nioh is released on Feb. 7th.  I was going to play Fragile Dream but I am too lazy to set up the Wii.

Until next time, happy gaming ! 🙂





6 thoughts on “Thoughts on Tekken 7 & Other Games

  1. I really enjoyed D4, but it is very short. I completely understand the feeling of being overwhelmed. So many games that look cool coming out, but between work and social life, finding time to really enjoy them is difficult.

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  2. Online fighting games are pretty good on the trash talk, I’ve found. It’s one of the few online genres with no serious team play, so microphones tend to be few and far between. The only thing you really need, if you’re looking to improve fast, is a tight-knit group that you can communicate with. If you’re not already there, Eventhubs and Shoryuken have some forums where you can find a few people to add.


    1. When it comes to guy’s aggression against women, I think I have an explanation for it, but surely it has nothing to do with games. Some women too, can be violent.

      For me personally, I don’t do online gaming much because I’m really shy playing with people. So I think I can understand the anti-social stereotypical gamer who turns mushy when he says hi to a woman.

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