Nier Automata Demo

NieR:Automata DEMO 120161128_20161222184736

After completing the demo, I am more excited than ever for March 7, the released date for North America. Flying machine robots, hacking and slashing with speed, it’s my cup of tea.  I believe this game is coming out for PC as well, which is a good thing. Great games deserve a wider audience.

I remember playing Nier during the summer of 2010. It was one of the most memorable summer of my life. I was so immersed in its world that my reality felt like a video game. Everywhere I went, whether I was dining at a restaurant, or walking in the park on a sunny day, I heard the music from the game playing inside my head. I think I was in love.

I will be in love again this coming March definitely. I am impressed with the demo and the soundtrack. Go try it out!  ♥


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