December Gaming

It’s been awhile since I post something. I don’t have the energy to game religiously as I used to when life was more carefree. 🙂 But games are not too far from mind. It still occupies most of my thoughts when I get bored. And oh boy, there are a lot of games to play but not all them are worth the time. I have to be selective and try to mix games up so I don’t get burnt out playing the same old thing. Here are some games I really want to take the time to appreciate.



If you enjoyed Clock Tower series, then this game might be worth your time. I am surprised that it got a low rating from Destructoid. I never trust game reviews, considering people have different taste in games. I will play it and see whether I like it. I miss games from the PS2 era.



This is a ‘shoot em up’ game. It is very beautiful and the soundtrack is nice. Can play single  or co-op. Co-op might be fun, I wonder if I could play with random people because   most of my friends are casual gamers.  This type of game is not appealing to them.



I played Resident Evil 4 on PS2, and surprisingly enjoyed it very much. So I bought PS4 version. I am looking forward to the mercenaries mode.

I will quit making a list for now since December is ending within weeks and the New Year is approaching. I highly doubt I will finish these games. But if I don’t make a list and focus I will never finish these games I want to enjoy so much.  But of course, my life is not revolved around these games. They are just great companions when I need a break 🙂

Anyway, hope you all enjoy the holidays with your  love ones. Take care! 😀

9 thoughts on “December Gaming

      1. There should’ve been more to that comment by the way – not sure where the rest went… The graphics may feel pretty low-res now but the gameplay and level design is still top notch. I think the wii remote worked really well to give it an arcade-like feel but I imagine the movement and camera control of an xbox or playstation controller would be an inprovement. Here were some more thoughts on why I loved RE4 if you’re interested:

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  1. Ikaruga is an awesome shooter, but I can see why casual players would be scared off by all those bullets. RE4 is awesome on the PS2. I better resist the temptation to rebuy it, as I have already beaten it and should focus on the rest of my my collection that still needs to be completed.

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    1. Ah what a coincidence. I am glad you mentioned Ikaruga. I was deciding whether I should play the game. now that I just finished Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons yesterday.

      Yes I understand. I am on the same boat. I’m going to be a good girl and wait towards the end of this year to buy Nonary Games because I want to make a larger purchase for a vita which I’ve been wanting for a long time and they have some games I want. Back then I was trying to quit games, but I give up now on trying to quit.

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      1. I really enjoyed it. Yes, it was tricky at first controlling the two characters but I got used to it quickly. The gameplay is noticeably the focal point in the game, which is how all games should be. There wasn’t a moment in the game where I started to daydream–I have the tendency to do with a lot of games that are monotonous and predictable. So I really like how this game kept me focus.

        I also really like the sound effects in the game. I got startled and laughed every time I die because I was so shocked I killed the brothers.

        I agree with you. It is an emotional game and has a very uplifting message. I like that kind of stuff.

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