Until Dawn: Too Quick To Judge


So I mentioned in 1 or 2 posts that I was going to play Until Dawn this October.  Well I finally finished it and I was surprised and even ashamed of myself for being bias because I am such a Dark Souls fangirl I can’t really play any other games.

Until Dawn is actually  a good game even though it’s cinematic, which is something I tried to stay away from.  I can barely stay focused watching a movie so the quick time mechanic in the game,  made me stay alert. I killed some characters not because I made the wrong choices, but I was too slow.   Yes, I accidentally killed Emily (your wish came true Rei). 😀

Personally, over the years, horror-games don’t really scare me. The last one I played before Until Dawn was Evil Within. I felt Evil Within was over the top, too messy, too much craziness and too confusing. But Until Dawn is clean and simple. This is a survivor-horror game. The characters actually developed. Things got serious. At first,  I hated Mike the most because he is so cocky, but I ended liking him. He got his shit together eventually.

I definitely want to play this game again. I actually played this game alone, so some parts were kind of intense, and really want to know what could have happened if I made different choices. The game has a good replay value.

So next time, before I judge, I will be sure to slap my face and say: do not judge a book by it’s cover!


5 thoughts on “Until Dawn: Too Quick To Judge

  1. I enjoyed it as well XD my first playthrough I got Matt and Chris killed. I have shaky hands so the ‘Don’t Move’ parts were stressing me out. I had the chance to kill Emily by Mike when you get the choice to shoot her but I thought I know I hate her but I want her to die accidentally not after surviving all that mine cave madness she went through.
    Mike and Sam were definitely my favorite characters in this game, they really showed a different side of them as the story progressed.

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