Video Games with Female Protagonist

I wish the gaming community is not sexist.

Anyway, here are my  list of games I want to play that have respectable female protagonist:

  1.  MariAri


Quite frankly, this game is a bit hard to locate.  It’s a Japanese indie puzzle game. It looks cute but it is difficult from what I’ve seen. Strangely, watching the gameplay, it lifted my melancholic mood and made me happy.  I really want to play this game! If somebody know where I can get it, let me know please!

2. Drakan: The Ancients’ Gates


I don’t know there is something appealing about dragons and female protagonist.

3. Valkyrie Profile


I played Valkryie Profile 2: Silmeria and enjoyed the characters and the music. I think I will enjoy this one as well. I listened to the soundtrack over and over.

4.  Hellblade


A woman with mental illness. Sound interesting. Here is a link to the game.

5. Horizon Zero Dawn


I like the fact that the female protagonist looks like she is built for this type of world. She is athletic and therefore, it’s appropriate.

6. Nier Automata


If you haven’t noticed, I always mentioned in this blog that I am a fan of Yoko Taro. Yes, Nier Automata is going to be the game that I will absolutely play over any games once it is released. Sorry Dark Souls.


If you have any recommendations, please feel free to comment.


Until Dawn: Too Quick To Judge


So I mentioned in 1 or 2 posts that I was going to play Until Dawn this October.  Well I finally finished it and I was surprised and even ashamed of myself for being bias because I am such a Dark Souls fangirl I can’t really play any other games.

Until Dawn is actually  a good game even though it’s cinematic, which is something I tried to stay away from.  I can barely stay focused watching a movie so the quick time mechanic in the game,  made me stay alert. I killed some characters not because I made the wrong choices, but I was too slow.   Yes, I accidentally killed Emily (your wish came true Rei). 😀

Personally, over the years, horror-games don’t really scare me. The last one I played before Until Dawn was Evil Within. I felt Evil Within was over the top, too messy, too much craziness and too confusing. But Until Dawn is clean and simple. This is a survivor-horror game. The characters actually developed. Things got serious. At first,  I hated Mike the most because he is so cocky, but I ended liking him. He got his shit together eventually.

I definitely want to play this game again. I actually played this game alone, so some parts were kind of intense, and really want to know what could have happened if I made different choices. The game has a good replay value.

So next time, before I judge, I will be sure to slap my face and say: do not judge a book by it’s cover!


Until Dawn: Is This Game A Joke?

Since it’s October, I thought I’d play a survivor-horror game because I am feeling quite festive 😛  So I purchased Until Dawn since it was on sale, and I wanted to play something casual.

So I started the game and two things bothered me: the intro and the outfit.

I don’t like it when a video game tells me what the game is about as if I just bought a ticket to an amusement park.

And secondly, this outfit below is very similar to Ellen from Folklore.



Until Dawn™_20161012204132

I don’t know if I can finish this game. One,  the fashion in video games matters to me. This outfit bothers me so much. I barely even start this game. It would be fun to play with friends, of course. I think it’s meant to be a cheap thrill? Should probably invite friends over to play this game. It can be entertaining if you are not playing alone!

Autumn Is Warm & Cold


Tonight, in Seattle, there is going to be a strong wind plucking these orange leaves from the branches and scattering them to the ground. Wet rain will soak the pavement. It may some comforting, but I feel  so selfish when I know there are homeless people getting cold, huddling each other for warmth. I wish the world is a kinder place.  But I guess life goes through the motion. Life is never fair, it’s just there.  Eventually all things shall come to an end and then reborn again.