Some Games Make Me Think

So I’ve been thinking awhile about an interview on Drakengard 3–why Zero, the protagonist is so adamant on killing all her sisters after watching an interview with Yoko Taro.  I realized that it’s human nature to conquer and control. Power is control.  What is exposed and what is most popular become accepted as truth even if it may be wrong.  Zero had no real reason to kill her sisters, she just want to get rid of them. But of course, I might be wrong.

I am replaying the game because I remember the story vaguely since I played it about two years ago.  My interest has perked up again  as I am anticipating for  Nier  Automata. This  type of  game is not just fun,  it actually made me think outside the box.

For me personally, this is the type of game, I’d like to see more. Try Nier, if you haven’t already.  Some videogames are like books. I think it stimulates the brain positively.


Nioh Might be Harder than Dark Souls

I played  Nioh second demo released Aug. 23- Sept. 6th. I wish I had more time to play since I was  crunching for time,  but I did make it a priority. And it was fun! During that time, Pax West, a gaming event was going on in Seattle. I could have bought a ticket in an advance if I wanted to do something during the weekend. But I must confess,  I didn’t care that tickets were sold out. I just wanted to play Nioh!


As I was playing Nioh beta, I didn’t realize how immersive and flowly the game feels compared to most modern games (no offense!). It is often compared to Dark Souls because of its difficulty etc. but Nioh, in my opinion is not the same as Dark Souls. It has a meticulous and methodical game-play style that is very different from Dark Souls. No, you can’t just hack and slash and dodge easily. You got to time yourself. Stamina in Nioh is very important. If I can recall, just blocking, dodging, hacking take up stamina easily.  And if you are not careful, you are left in a vulnerable position, panting for air. Perhaps this is what made it difficult to fight Onryoki.  The area is not as wide and the boss’ attack can easily do serious damage. I guess what I am trying to say is, I really had fun re-learning how to play a game so that I can cautiously time myself to kill my opponent and I died frequently when I am not focused. I welcome this new game-play. I want to play a new game and not play Dark Souls again with a different title.  Now I am not saying  the Souls games are not difficult games. I am in fact still playing it.  I just know that there were a few bosses that I thought were not so difficult because Souls games are fair towards the player if you really know what you are doing.  But then again, this is just the demo I was playing and not the final product. I know for sure this is one of the games I will be looking forward to because it really reminds me of the older Ps2 games such as Genji: Dawn of Samurai and Onimusha.