Some Games Make Me Think

So I’ve been thinking awhile about an interview on Drakengard 3–why Zero, the protagonist is so adamant on killing all her sisters after watching an interview with Yoko Taro.  I realized that it’s human nature to conquer and control. Power is control.  What is exposed and what is most popular become accepted as truth even if it may be wrong.  Zero had no real reason to kill her sisters, she just want to get rid of them. But of course, I might be wrong.

I am replaying the game because I remember the story vaguely since I played it about two years ago.  My interest has perked up again  as I am anticipating for  Nier  Automata. This  type of  game is not just fun,  it actually made me think outside the box.

For me personally, this is the type of game, I’d like to see more. Try Nier, if you haven’t already.  Some videogames are like books. I think it stimulates the brain positively.