Midnight Thoughts on Random Games

Awhile ago, I got my copy of Nioh,  but I had to drop it for Nier Automata. I will play the game toward the end of this year because it’s going to take me awhile to complete Nier Automata. I’m only on my second playthrough, and I’m attempting to complete all quests and collect all […]

Trying Not to be a Game-a-holic

I did some spring cleaning inside my head after the doctor advised me to sleep my full eight hours, so my immune system can work properly.  Currently, my health is not in the best condition because of stressful changes in my life that I had to get accustom to in the last few years.  Health […]

Versatile Blogger Award

Sorry for the delay. Thanks Rei for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  I genuinely do appreciate the thought. When I first started this blog, you and Lise were my only readers at the time and I didn’t really post anything personal about myself, so this is a thank you post to you both […]

Online Diary: Original Song

During  the last few weeks,  I managed to help a friend out for his Sound Engineering class project. As mentioned, I have been writing songs.  The song I agreed to record is about a cat that senses people who are suffering from depression.  Overall, song is not perfect but it was a learning process for […]

Thoughts on D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die

If someone came up to me and ask me what D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die is about, I would say it’s about letting go of the past, eating and relationships. These are the three themes I noticed quite frequently in the game and the three main ingredients that keep a person functional in the society. […]

Plans for this Blog

I made some changes to the appearance of my blog because I decided to dedicate my time writing and playing video games that I enjoyed and share it with people who actually care about games.  Apart from gaming,  I have been writing songs which some are inspired by playing video games, and a friend of […]

Thoughts on Video Games: An Entertainment Medium

I think awhile back when I started posting on this blog in July of  2016, I was still gathering my thoughts about video games and what it meant to me.  Because I was raised by compassionate parents,  I was always conscious about the things I was exposed to.  I knew I would never harm a […]